Why You Need To Throw Away Your Skincare Routine + Switch To Lush

Why you need to throw away your skincare routine and switch to LUSH

Another random zit here, another ungettable blackhead there. I was SO sick of my face. It’s been that way since puberty and has been a constant struggle throughout my adult life. On the magical day in question, I hadn’t planned on updating my facial washing technique, but it finally happened. So, I just wanted a cleanser and some facial scrub — not too bad right? Well, $130-something dollars, and a whole lot of samples later I couldn’t wait to get home! Not too sure what came over me but I just wanted… everything. “I just want to feel good from head to toe and actually have a daily skincare routine.” My LUSH-tender hooked it up — I really did go home and threw away my old skincare routine (haha)!


If you don’t know anything about LUSH here’s a little rundown: LUSH has EVOLVED from an extravagant bath line to skincare, shaving, and dental products (I’m not kidding) using natural ingredients — and it’s astounding. They also refuse to test on animals, and are hand-made, so of course I’m down. LUSH can be found in most shopping malls or you can order items online at LUSHUSA.COM although some items are only available in stores.

This is what I got for my money and I highly recommend all of these products (for different reasons of course).

Starting off with Cleansers! Now, I expressed my desire to rid my skin of old zit scars (to which I sadly pointed) and he handed me this:

Angels On Bare Skin Cleanser


LUSH QUOTE: This heavenly blend of cleansing kaolin clay, ground almonds and a soothing blend of lavender, rose and chamomile oils has been a customer favorite for years. A quick scrub with this nubbly cleanser leaves skin calm, balanced, soft and smooth, and because it’s so gentle, anyone can use it.

Personal Experience: Feels soothing and gentle. After a couple of weeks I can definitely see the difference in how less visible my scars are. My skintone is evening out, and I don’t need to cake on make up in certain places to hide the imbalance. I keep it in my shower so I use it every day.

The first time I attempted to have a skincare routine (I’ve failed so many times), I told them about my oily skin. The LUSH-tender told me about this cleanser, and I stuck to it (when I kept up with the routine).

Herbalism Cleanser


LUSH Quote: Our gentle green giant has an exfoliating, deep-cleansing base of kaolin clay and rice bran to mop up excess oils, and a toning blend of rosemary, nettle and chamomile to leave skin feeling fresh, clean and calm. Herbalism is rich in chlorophyllin, which is extracted from alfalfa plants: it’s rich in nourishing vitamins and minerals and helps to balance out your skin’s oil production.

Personal Experience: When I was at the new LUSH I ended up getting 16oz of both cleansers just to see which I liked more. Honestly, I love them both. I use one during the day, and the other at night.

Every once in a while I need a little Skin Blasting Scrub. Fell asleep with my makeup on (again). Spent all day on public transportation and I feel gross. Home from a metal show and I’m covered in everyone else’s blood but my own. This has been my go-to for removing everything and getting my face squeaky clean.

Ocean Salt Scrub


LUSH Quote: Refreshing, exfoliating, hydrating…what doesn’t this scrub do? Our cult classic scrub has a mineral-rich mix of fine and coarse sea salt for serious exfoliation, balanced with coconut oil and avocado butter to soften the skin. That punchy citrus scent? It comes from lime oil as well as limes extracted in vodka to brighten and tone. Just one scrub with this beauty and you’ll see why it’s so popular!

Personal Experience: It. Is. The best. There’s nothing more to say.

Now onto Toners and Moisturizers… things I’ve heard of, but never tried. Why would I need a toner or a moisturizer? Well, toners are to tone your skin (derp!) for moisturizing. And moisturizing is the difference between aging well, and looking like a thrift store bag no one wants to buy — CRACKED. As this was all explained to me I thought, “made it just in time then, huh?”

For my skin type (oily), I was recommended this badass Toner

Tea Tree Water Toner


LUSH Quote: Oily, dull or tired skin snaps into tip-top shape with a spritz of this refreshing toner! Cleansing tea tree, juniper berry and grapefruit waters get complexions looking luminous and fresh while also keeping excess oils in check. Plus, this alcohol-free spritz will never leave skin feeling uncomfortably tight or dry, so you can always put your best face forward.

Personal Experience: Seriously refreshing, and makes for a great post-shower ritual.

Then comes the Moisturizer! Which one depends upon whether I’m putting on makeup for the day, going bare faced, or it’s night time.

So of course, with makeup you need Primer (something else I’ve heard of but never used). This primer not only makes me laugh with it’s name, but moisturizes my face while prepping it for makeup. This was one of the samples my amazing LUSH-tender set me up with.

Amazon Primer


LUSH Quote: Hydrate and mattify? Sounds like an oxymoron, but Amazon Primer is up to the task. Softening cupuaçu butter, moisturizing murumuru butter and calming andiroba oil team up for deep hydration, while arrowroot powder keeps skin shine-free. Protective chlorophyllin neutralizes redness, while lemongrass and electric daisies tighten and tone for a bright, clear complexion. The sweetly woody scent of tonka, rosewood and orange oils from Brazil lingers lightly for a luxurious feeling all day.

Personal Experience: Honestly, like I said earlier, never used primer before. With that being said, it helps my makeup glide on more easily. I can always tell when I forget to use it from the beginning of my day to the very end. Also helps me take off my makeup faster, and keeps my face from drying out (alcohol in makeup plus LA heat… ugh).

When I have a day off from work (ew!) and I decide to run errands for a couple of hours… there’s no way I’m putting on makeup. For this I use another kind of moisturizer. This is another sample I was gifted by a different LUSH-tender (same store; they’re very involved and helpful).

Full Of Grace Moisturizer 


LUSH Quote: Full of Grace is a solid moisturizer that’s packed full of hydrating tropical butters, calming chamomile and antioxidant mushroom extract to keep skin in fantastic condition all year round. Easily absorbed by the skin, it creates a soothing treatment for the delicate skin on your face, helping you to maintain its elasticity, moisture and glow. It’s gentle enough for everyone to use.

Personal Experience: This feels sooo creamy on my face. It doesn’t feel heavy or pore-clogging. I definitely feel protected from the harsh SoCal sun while I’m out and about.

The next two moisturizers I only use for nighttime purposes. First one being light, and frothy. Again, with my skin I don’t want anything too thick or greasy. When I had mentioned this, my LUSH-tender directed me to this moisturizer that I had missed (haha!). Another couple of samples for my LUSH goodie bag!

Vanishing Cream


LUSH Quote: Okay, hear us out: if you have oily skin, what you need is to moisturize your face. No, really. It all comes down to skincare basics: if your face is oily, it’s compensating for something. Our lightest moisturizer, Vanishing Cream, contains balancing lavender absolute, pore-tightening witch hazel and grape seed oil to soften and help make things right with your skin. It’s light enough to use twice daily for even, clear results.

Personal Experience: This frothy, light moisturizer feels great after a long day at work (insert dirty joke here). But in all seriousness, it’s great. You don’t need a lot, and makes my face feel amazing in the morning.

The final moisturizer is a thicker layer of creamy, buttery goodness. I love using this when I want to pamper myself a little bit more than usual.

Cosmetic Lad Moisturizer 


LUSH Quote: Do your sensitive skin a favor and treat it to this rich and soothing cream. Its calming blend of aloe vera gel, lavender honey water and chamomile eases irritations and redness for skin that’s cool as a cucumber. Cold pressed organic almond oil and organic cocoa butter restore moisture and quickly absorb so you can get on with your day. This one’s especially effective at soothing post-shave skin!

Personal Experience: I love this moisturizer. Sometimes I use hair remover on my eyebrows for shaping, and pluck stray hairs. So, post brow-work, it’s the best thing to use.

Hang on… we’re not done yet! I even went as far as to ask about Under Eye Cream (which of course I got a sample of). This is key since I’m an insomniac, so I really need to take care of my under eyes.

Enchanted Eye Cream


LUSH Quote: The skin under your eyes is extremely delicate, so only the gentlest ingredients should be used to keep skin firm and supple. Dab this soothing blend of calming lavender honey water and vitamin E-rich almond oil to reduce swelling and leave skin moisturized. Perfect for all skin types, a little dab every day is all you need to stay looking fresh.

Personal Experience: As someone who has a jacked sleep schedule, I need some under eye care. I look a lot less haggard after four hours of sleep or any of my light comas.

Last but not least, I needed a Zit Blaster. I have tried all the Clearasil products (bullshit and acid), acne pads (left burn marks), the toothpaste method (wiped some skin off), the lemon juice method (it just STINGS… don’t even try it), and all kinds of other terrible ideas found on the internet. The zits that suck the most are the ones I can’t pop but hurt like a motherfucker (usually around the nose area). I asked about something that would help and I got a nice sample of this…

Grease Lightning Spot Treatment 


LUSH Quote: Cleanse and soften upset skin with a gentle herbal infusion of thyme, tea tree and rosemary. This super effective cleansing gel makes easy work of problematic dirt and oil, and a calming blend of organic aloe vera gel and grape juice soothes and calms irritated skin. Dab on any problem areas, wait a tick, and your skin will feel clean and refreshed in no time.

Personal Experience: I had gotten another zit on my nose that I couldn’t pop (fell asleep with my makeup on… whoops!) right after my trip to LUSH. So every night, I dabbed a glob of this right on the fucker as the final act of my routine. Not even a week later and it was gone. No longer hurts, and no zit scar from popping it… I have saved my face!

Last but certainly not least, the mask. No, not the Jim Carey film. Every one needs a good mask that just gives them liiiiiife. Mine was discovered long before this impulsive shopping spree — this magical stuff right here:

Mask Of Magnaminty


LUSH Quote: This tingly, minty face and body mask was formulated to be intensely cleansing but never harsh or abrasive. Kaolin clay and peppermint oil rid your pores of debris, giving you a delightfully tingly clean sensation. We add loads of ground aduki beans to exfoliate flaky or dry skin, vanilla absolute to calm redness and honey to soothe and moisturize.

Personal Experience: The mask of masks. I never feel more refreshed than when I wash this off. I use it all the way down my neck, shoulders, and clavicle area. Sometimes even my feet and hands. My first Lush-tender said that they used it to brighten up their tattoos. I don’t have any tattoos personally, but that just made me want it even more.

And that’s all! Well not all that I left with that day, but everything for skincare. Maybe I’ll do the rest of my body care products next! If you use any LUSH products, share it with me by posting a photo of your product and using #MFKNLUSH on social media! Don’t forget to follow and subscribe if you haven’t already!


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