GHOULUNATICS REJOICE!!!! Today GHOUL has released a music video for their badass song “Shred The Dead” from their 2016 album Dungeon Bastards!

As many times as I’ve seen them play this song in person, the video is a perfect depiction of the chaos that follows every performance. The blood, the entrails, the chaos… it’s all animated for our sick and twisted pleasure by animator and director Zak Kirwin.

Kirwin’s Quote On The Video: “When I talked to whoever runs Ghoul’s social media, I was itching to animate a Ghoul song. The music and aesthetic are right up my alley. When they came back with the idea of doing ‘Shred the Dead,’ things really kicked off. Skateboarding, zombies, riffs and grievous injury … what more could you want? After that I was chained to a desk in a Creepsylvanian ‘animation’ studio, drawing till my fingernails cracked and bled, subsisting on nothing but corpse juice and old hot fries. I lost two fingers and partial vision in my right eye. Do I regret it? Of course not! Do I wake up screaming every night? Yes, but I always did that; it’s just louder now.”

And if THAT wasn’t enough, they’re playing in Oakland this weekend on Saturday February 2nd at the Oakland Metro. Alongside this killer quartet will be: NECROT, BRAINOIL, KICKER, MORTUOUS, CONNOISSEUR, DEATHGRAVE, and LOS HUAYCOS. If this line-up doesn’t get your blood going… you better check your pulse.

GHOUL‘s Dungeon Bastards is out now on CD and digital formats. Tankcrimes recently repressed the LP edition (now available limited-edition splatter or blue vinyl) which includes a gatefold jacket that opens into the Dungeon Bastards board game. Players take turns advancing through a Creepsylvanian map; the first one to get to end of the map and jump the Wall Of Death wins. CD orders are available HERE, vinyl HERE, and digital HERE where the record can be streamed in full.

TICKETS for THE TANKCRIMES TAKEOVER are on sale HERE! And check out this VIDEO!!

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