Double Trouble: The NEW Vans Warped Tour

Wow… what a rollercoaster. If you’re a metalhead of course you know about Warped Tour and OF COURSE you were devastated when you heard it wasn’t going cross-country anymore. We’ve been waiting to see what dates and where Vans Warped Tour will be this year. The schedule has been severely reduced to a handful of shows.

Pins and needles doesn’t describe the long wait for some answers but we finally have them. Warped will be in Cleveland, OH June 8th, Atlantic City, NJ June 29th-30th, and finally Mountain View, CA July 20th-21st. Yes, VWT will now be a two-day event in two different locations on either side of the US.

We’re still a full month away from even hearing the line-up ( 3/1) and getting access to pre-sale tickets (2/25) for their 25th anniversary show… and I’m curious as to whom they’re going to book. HOWEVER… @vanswarpedtour on Instagram did let slip that the 2-day tickets “will probably be $120-$150 since the bands are bigger headliners”… the question is… who?

We’ll find out soon enough.


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