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Trailblazing Your Career Path with New Moon in Capricorn

What’s the happs, Caps? A New Moon in Capricorn is coming soon! New Moons in the Capricorn sign have everything to do with your ambitions, and coming up with a game plan to reach your goals! Capricorns are headstrong earth signs that are determined to accomplish their mission (whatever it may be). Utilize the strength of this New Moon and catch that “go-getter” attitude Capricorns are famous for. In honor of the goat, I’ll be using gifs from Terence Fisher’s ‘The Devil Rides Out’.

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Moons under Capricorn deal with:

Grounding Yourself

Career Matters

Setting Goals/Long-Term Plans



The Earth


The Foundation of Something New



Useful Items For Your Altar:

Candles: Dark Blue (Knowledge, Integrity), Green (Money, Growth), White (Cleanse), Brown (Stability), Orange (Energy)

Stones: Black Tourmaline (Protection), Tiger’s Eye (Power/Courage), Smokey Quartz (Grounding/Cleansing), Clear Quartz (Energy), Garnet (Self-Empowerment)

Oils: Patchouli, Cypress, Frankincense

Evergreen Needles/Leafs

Horns/Skull (Goat)



Capricorn Moon Spells


Enhance Your Career

This is the perfect time to focus on your career and your long-term future goals. With this moon, you can pave your way to success. If you already have a career going and you want to level up, now’s the time!

The best place to do spells under the Capricorn Moon would be somewhere outdoors (if you can stand the cold) with goat horns or a skull as the centerpiece to your altar. You can use your backyard, or head out to the woods (suggested) for your ritual. When you want to enhance your career, it’s all about envisioning yourself doing what you really want to do. If you want to run the company, get a higher paying job in your field, or just a simple raise — envision it. See yourself taking the steps to reach your goal.

When you can see it all, write it down on a piece of paper and place a seed (whatever kind) inside before you bury it with a mixture of Evergreen needles (about a 6” inch deep hole). Keep your mind on your career goals as you do this. Meditate over the buried mound and keep thinking about where you want to be until you can just about taste it. Envision the seed growing into a large Evergreen tree as you climb your way to success. You should feel a charge of positive energy when you’re finished and ready to start goal-setting!


Ignite Your Ambition

Sometimes it’s hard to be excited about an almost hopeless situation regarding your work life. But with this, you’ll remember what inspired you in the first place, and bring back your ambitious energy!

Using the stones and goat bones (if you have them), surround yourself while sitting (grounding yourself) in the earth. Having a few extra orange candles will help enhance your ritual. Focus on your deepest career desires, and everything you’re afraid to accomplish. Go as far as you can with your fantasy and hold onto it until you feel you’re there. Hold onto the Tiger’s Eye and the Garnet stone while you meditate on these elaborate ideas. Realize that these things are possible as you write them down and burn the paper on an orange candle flame. Keep envisioning as it burns.


Laying A New Foundation

The main purpose of laying down a new foundation is to promote growth. When you want to begin a new project, business, or …anything really, the groundwork is key. This is def my favorite technique on building success via witchcraft.

You should have a hole dug in the ground or you can use a pot and some soil. Surround the hole (ha!) with the stones and gems mentioned above. Take a piece of paper and cut it into 5-7 pieces. On these pieces of paper you’re going to write down things you need or steps you need to take in order to accomplish your goals. Take the pieces of paper and put them at the bottom of the hole or pot. Cover it with a layer of dirt and place some seeds.

As you cover up the seeds with dirt, keep your hands there with the final covering of dirt and envision yourself at the end of your journey with all the steps completed. When you’ve finished, keep tending to the seeds. The goal is to grow whatever you planted, just as you want to grow in real life. As the seeds turn to tiny green sprigs, you’ll start to reap the benefits of your hard-work.


Blessing Your Goals

Setting your goals and blessing them is a key factor in the Capricorn Moon ritual. With your ambitions in mind, and your altar in full flame, come up with a phrase to repeat to bless your journey. While softly chanting, think about everything you wish to bless –every step and level you wish to climb. Envision yourself overcoming the obstacles that are keeping you from your full potential. Imagine them falling away and you breaking free from them like chains. When you feel at peace, you’ve finished.


Boosting Your Self-Image

Your self image counts for a lot in this day and age, and giving yourself a little boost can go a long way. First thing’s first, you have to take a good look at yourself. Find the things that you can improve on and focus on how to improve them. Same as the goal blessing, bless your will to change yourself for the better. Keep focused on who you really want to be. See that person be the best you.

Watch them wake up in your bed in time to get ready and making your favorite breakfast (and have time to fully enjoy it) before work. See that person kick ass at work, and at home. Envision them being sweet and empathetic to others, spreading love in a messed up world. Realize that that person is you, and that everything you want to be is possible. Stay in that dream-state until you feel capable of being that person. And now you’re ready…

Give em Hell, kid!



*waves* Hiiii ^_^!

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