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Playing With Your Feminine Energy Under The Cancer Moon

Hello lovers! This upcoming Saturday, December 22nd will be a Full Moon in Cancer with a peak at 9:50am PST/12:50pm EST. This water sign signifies deep, intense emotion. Cancer signs are often focused on the foundation of a home, and are very in tune with their feminine energy. This is a VERY feminine moon centered around unconditional, and even maternal love. Self care, and emotionally balancing yourself is very important during this time. This moon is definitely centered around love in all forms, so I’ll be using gifs from Anna Biller’s ‘The Love Witch’.

The Breakdown


Full Moons under Cancer deal with:

The Home




The Ocean

Dreams/Dream Reading


Feminine Power



Useful Items For Your Altar:

Candles: White/Silver (Cleanse); Pink, Red (Love Spells)

Stones: Rose Quartz (unconditional love), Pearl (calming strength), Clear Quartz (protection from negative energy), Rainbow Moonstone (intuition/insight), Citrine (energy boost)

Oils: Rosemary, Jasmine, Lavender, Chamomile

Sea Salt + Water/Actual Sea Water

Pink Rose Petals

Sea Shells


Cancer Moon Spells


Cleansing The Home

This is best time to cleanse your home and replace any negative energies with stellar vibes. Especially since the new year is coming, you’ll want to start off with a fresh environment. Water is an element that cleanses; use it to wash away any unwanted energies and emotions.

Using copious amounts of salt and sage while placing elements of the ocean/water all over the house will cleanse your space. You can do a specific room or an overall clean sweep; either way, you have your safe space.




Enhancing Your Feminine Energy

Cancer Moons are always bursting with femme power which is a great time to enhance your feminine wiles. My favorite (and best) way is the bathing technique. You can begin by immersing yourself in (sea) salt water, filled with pink rose petals, surrounded by white or silver candles. If you have shells, and the stones required add them to the altar as well. Adding a bit of milk to the bath will play off the moon’s motherly side. Fair warning: if you have sand and wish to use it, have it in a glass bottle. The last thing you want is sand in or on any part of your cooch (source: sex on the beach).

Soak and meditate on the female energy radiating within you. Take time to smell the roses before throwing in the petals. Use the essential oils to sensualize the ritual. Focus on the beauty of everything around you and take it into yourself. Once you feel the connection between you and your surroundings, you’re in the perfect headspace to begin your ritual.


Menstrual Blood Magic + Fertility

Not to be gross (this is where I get gross), but if you’re on your period during this full moon, this is THE BEST TIME for blood magic if you practice it. If you’re new to the idea, a simple way to use blood magic is by writing (in blood) a simple desire on a piece of paper and burning it. Like.. a word or two. I’m not telling you to go out and buy a quill and go to town… but you could. You can also just simply use the blood by collecting it in something altar-worthy and using it as the “centerpiece”.

When it comes to fertility there are two ways you can go: “I want a baby” or “I don’t want a baby”. Simple as that. It all comes down to your focus. Writing your desire or just using menstrual blood in regards to fertility during this moon is the most powerful feminine magic… period (ha!).


Love + Relationships

Love and relationships can be enhanced by this moon so easily. It’s practically made for this. You can be secretly in love with someone, or be in a relationship with the same partner for years… all stages of love can use a little kick. If you have anything that belongs to this person, definitely throw it on the altar. If not, anything that they’ve given you, or touched (that hasn’t been retouched or used by anyone else) will work.  If you don’t have anything at all, use something that reminds you of them (a pink or red rose would work). Lighting extra pink and red candles will help as well.

Write down everything you wish to say to this person, every loving thought you have, and everything you wish to change/happen (to burn). Focus on this person while holding the item you’ve procured until you’re in that special meditative state. When you’ve reached your peak, burn the paper.


Dream Reaching + Reading

Another way to use this Cancer moon is by performing some grade A dream spells. You can do all sorts of things, but my two favorite dream spells are about reaching and reading. Dream reaching is when you communicate to someone in their sleep through their dreams. DR is best during the REM cycle (deepest sleep when people start to dream) which would be around 2am-4am if they have a regular sleep schedule. I’ve only done it once and it freaked me out, but it is possible.

Using the elements of the Cancer moon, surround yourself while you lay on the floor. Think of this person INTENSELY. It takes a lot of energy and power to pull a Freddy Krueger, so focus your entire being until you feel yourself connecting with the one you’re trying to reach. When you’re there, start talking (even aloud) to them. If you can manage it, use your mind and your tongue simultaneously to speak to them (it’ll feel like you’re speaking in tongues a little bit, not gonna lie). Keep repeating the message, and keep the message simple (4 or 5 words max). Do this until you feel our message has been received, and slowly disconnect from their dream.

Reading your dreams is a very important part of understanding your subconscious and your hidden desires. Keep a log about your dreams during this moon. The best way is to have a dream journal next to your bed for instant recording. You tend to forget your dreams soon after you wake up. If you don’t have one already, find and purchase a dream dictionary for instant transcribing. Remembering random elements and situations that you’ve dreamt of can also help you make future choices. You already know what you want and what you want to do — it’s all hidden in your subconscious. And your dreams are there to show you what you already “secretly” know to be true.

And now you’re ready…

Remember to stable your emotional center, heighten your feminine power, and cleanse your personal space for the new year!




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