Future Usses Streams New Album ‘The Existential Haunting’

Hell yeah!

Decibel Magazine is currently streaming The Existential Haunting, the forthcoming full-length debut from FUTURE USSES, in its entirety. Set to drop via Pelagic Records, the Los Angeles-based trio features members of Intronaut and Bereft and thrusts forth an astounding instrumental record of devastatingly heavy, oppressively slow, yet shimmering and lush sludge-paced rock, run through a filter of nightmarish psychedelia.

Notes Decibel of the release, “The members of FUTURE USSES weave vibrant, post-rock-inspired soundscapes that shimmer and dissolve in warm feedback and static. At the front of the charge is Sacha Dunable (Intronaut, Bereft, ex-Anubis Rising, ex-Crematorium), whose experience with doom, sludge, and experimental metal shines through in every song. FUTURE USSES keeps things instrumental on The Existential Haunting, which allows the diversity of the record to shine through. ‘Make Flowers’ could be a Grief song if it were slowed down and drop-tuned just a hair more. ‘Heavenly Superperson’ drones itself into psychedelic bliss. The title track closes the record with a Pallbearer-esque guitar harmony. The trio have no shortage of sounds to explore on the album, and they delve into all sorts of territory to craft a sonically diverse record that challenges perceptions of heaviness.”
Succumb to the sounds of The Existential Haunting courtesy of Decibel Magazine at THIS LOCATION.
The Existential Haunting was mixed by Converge’s Kurt Ballou at GodCity Studio and will be released on CD, LP, and digital formats on September 14th. For preorders in North America go to THIS LOCATION, in Europe go HERE, in Australia go HERE, and for digital orders go HERE.
Shrewd and sophisticated, it’s hard to believe that The Existential Haunting is a mere debut. But while FUTURE USSES has only played a handful of shows in their short career, main songwriter Sacha Dunable has been a member of Intronaut for almost fifteen years and dabbled with various doom metal projects, like Bereft. FUTURE USSES takes small elements of what those bands do and magnifies them, combining the crushing, slow-motion power of doom with the atmosphere and dense harmonic tendencies of Intronaut.
“‘Heavenly Superperson’ mixes Jesu-style elongated melody with post-rock and metal elements, making for a beautiful and enlightening trip best appreciated by fans of This Will Destroy You, Mogwai, latter Mastodon and Envy.” — Revolver on “Heavenly Superperson”
“An unconventional take on the traditional power trio that lands between post-rock and doom metal…The Existential Haunting is an exploration of timbre and texture as much as more customary rock stylings.” — Avant Music News
“…masterclass of post-rock/post-metal music that offers a deft balance of ambient based doom/sludge rock.” — Outlaws Of The Sun
“…well-written bits of spacey, echoey, ethereal, deep-distortion riff-puzzles, punctuated by hard-hitting drums… Think Explosions In The Sky or Caspian, with a tincture of Hum or Swervedriver added. — Metal Asylum
“The track will make listeners feel as though they’re floating one moment and shackled to a rock the next… Think Explosions In The Sky, Russian Circles, and This Will Destroy You and you’ll have some idea of what to expect from FUTURE USSES.” — MetalSucks on “What Is Anything”

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