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Why Being “Neutral” Is Worse Than Being A Racist

As a black person in this version of America, there’s plenty of opportunity for me to get upset. But nothing kills me more than a “neutral” trying to keep the peace. What they fail to understand is… if there was no racial issue in the first place, there WOULD be peace. And when someone of color brings up a racial issue from their community the LAST thing they want to hear is someone downplaying it. It’s insulting.

In this new horrific time, we DON’T have time to be neutral about serious topics. I’m not sure why anyone would think that’s an option, unless say they wanted to keep their Instagram or Facebook page following. If that’s the case, you’re diluting your fans into believing that you’re “keeping it real” when in reality you don’t have the guts to say something is intolerable. Which, by the way, shouldn’t be an issue. In fact, as someone with a following, it’s your responsibility to have an opinion.

Little known fact, I caught a serial rapist in my own hometown… and I didn’t do it by being neutral. Crazy thing, a lot of other people were on the fence about telling other models that a serial rapist posing as a photographer was targeting girls in our area. And for that, more girls ended up being raped, including my friend and another girl on Christmas fucking Eve. I couldn’t hold it in when I was told so I went to work. Three days, a viral Facebook post, and flood of rape survivors later SACPD is calling me for more info cause now they’re on the case. This guy is going away. Didn’t do that by sitting on the fence.

That’s what I mean though. Social progress can’t be accomplished by being neural. You’re not helping. You’re hurting people. You’re keeping whatever problematic thing that’s affecting others in place. I wasn’t raped by the guy; I never met him, I didn’t have to. I was rightfully outraged and did something to help. It had absolutely nothing to do with me, but I had to do what was right.

I’ve had my own personal experiences where some racist would scream the “N-word” from their car and some white guy would tell me to “calm down”. He wasn’t yelling the word himself, but his neutrality on the matter was (still is) enraging. And now let’s get to another more well-known slur-lover Jeffree “f**k you, n****r” Star.

Yes, he said that… and a whole lot more.

This subhuman scum has said so many racial slurs I can hardly keep up with each “incident”. Yet, he’s tolerated by many for the most trivial thing I’ve ever heard of… a make up line. Lipstick. Highlights. Glitter. REALLY? Yes! Really. People overlook the horrific videos of him yelling slurs at Hispanic and Black people so they don’t feel bad about their make up collection. The most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard of. His apologies? Faked. Duh. PR Damage Control 101. You’re not blind, you choose not to see and that’s more deplorable than being a flat out racist.

Let’s get one thing straight here: if you’re neutral in a racially charged situation, it doesn’t mean you’re racist – it just means you’re spineless and a part of the problem. By riding the fence on social-political issues over race, you’re not helping anything. You’re literally wasting space with your “soft talk” trying not to “hurt anyone’s feelings”. But the fact of the matter is someone’s already hurt. If not, there wouldn’t be a discussion in the first place. And sometimes, unfortunately, there isn’t a conversation about the problem at all. But there is still a problem. You don’t solve a problem by avoiding the issue or ignoring it.

With racists, you know where to begin. They clearly need healing. They’re more than willing to tell you what happened to make them feel the way that they do. I’ve talked to a few Nazi wannabes and talked them out of their hate before. It was actually more pleasant to talk to a Nazi than with a neutral. By now you’re like “Seriously?!”. Yes. I’m serious. With a neutral, they deny that there’s a problem or pretend that it’s “not that bad”. A racist won’t shut up about it, and you end up finding out what their REAL problem is and you can help them (and your community). Make no mistake here… racists are terrible. Hating a group of people over skin color is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. But playing friends with both sides so you don’t create static is cowardly.

In this day and age, we don’t have the luxury to be neutral anymore. Issues are finally being dealt with and neutrality is on the shit list right along with white privilege. If you know in your heart that something is wrong, speak out against it. Don’t hide like a coward because you want to keep your friends. Maybe… they’re the wrong ones.

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