MFKN ALBUM REVIEW: Abraham – ‘Look! Here Comes The Dark!

Talk about hidden treasures! I found this album while running out of songs I already knew on YouTube. I let it play in hopes it was going to something good. It wasn’t. It was fucking amazing. Swiss post-metal band Abraham released Look! Here Comes The Dark! on May 11th via Pelagic Records and unfortunately I am JUST NOW hearing it!

I suggest you bust out your best hybrid indica strain (I had Skywalker) and wait for sunset or just plain night time for the FULL effect. It’s about two hours long and a perfect album to wind down with. The songs on this album are a perfect crossbreed of melodic black/death metal. It’s pretty interesting… like sweet and sour sauce. Curious, I ran a search and found their band website. And it turns out that the album is in four parts.

About the album:

The album is divided into four consecutive periods, one for each vinyl record, throughout which the story of the disappearance of all life on Earth is told. Each section is defined by a unique approach in terms of style, songwriting, degree of experimentation and choice of instrumentation. Producer Magnus Lindberg from Cult Of Luna has taken an approach that honors each part’s own integrity and identity, and mixed the drums, guitars, synths, vocals diferently for each part, as if they were independent records.


The first part begins with the downfall of civilization, the remains of mankind and technology, and the survivors’ feeble attempts to escape from the urban chaos that ensues. This part is characterized by compositions that reflect the loss of bearing, as well as faster pieces that evoke a sort of panic feel. The vile, hopeless atmosphere of these times is sonically reflected by a dirty, gritty, blurred and granular sound.


In the second section, mankind’s architectural heritage is reclaimed by vegetation. The balance of power is inverted: remaining animal life is endangered, driven to extinction by furhter mindless exhaustion and depletion, without the chance for recovery. The musical experience of this second part aims to convey a sensation of suffocation in an environment where it is becoming increasingly impossible to breathe. The compositions are slower-paced and more imposing, leaving more space to the bass.


The third period depicts landscapes where lush vegetation has given way to a humongous sprawling mycelium, controlling all remaining life. The last form of collective consciousness has merged into a gigantic organism whose ultimate task is to purge the planet of the scoria of humanity. Focusing on the mysteries of consciousness and its unlimited capacity, the band sets foot on an experimental field… there are some jazz-inspired compositions here, and the lyrics delve into vastly psychedelic territories, delivered by acid-soaked, multi-layered vocals.


The grand finale leaves no doubt about how desolate a sphere Earth has become: an empty rock floating in space. The compositions are stripped bare here, with no room for anything superfluous. The minimalist drone-like instrumentation results in a very dry and cold sound. A cynical epilogue leaves us with a few survivors finally departing into space, perpetuating and disseminating the destructive force that lies within humankind.

“This apocalyptic frame of mind allows us to apprehend the dark and violent emotions which emerge when we are confronted with our sinking world, enabling us to move beyond denial and bargaining, to welcome fear, despair and rage instead of letting them consume us and thereupon to begin to grieve over the demise of our civilization.

…It is a long funeral lament.”

If you’re in Europe they have a tour coming up in October! Check out their flyer for dates and be sure to ‘Follow’ them on Facebook to keep up with the band! Below is the album in full… so get ready for your apocalyptic space adventure tonight!


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