Christians Breakdown Behemoth’s “God = Dog” (It’s Not What You Expect)

VinAnd Sori from YouTube are a Christian duo who consistently breakdown metal jams and have recently taken on a new challenge reviewing Behemoth’s new massive hit record “God = Dog”. Not knowing the two, I pretty much thought they were going to go off on the title alone and just smear metal for all it’s worth. I’m so glad I was off. “I wouldn’t mind my kids hanging out with Nergal rather than some random priest”, says Vin. I think we can all pretty much agree with that statement.

Vin and Sori watch the video (you can watch it with them too!) and then start to talk about the imagery of the video in relation to problems in religious communities. Molestation, murder, covered crimes, Christianity VS female sexuality, and straight up hypocrisy were the main courses of this delicious video. They pretty much talked about everything a Christian would never talk about. It was refreshing. And the coupe de grace, the ending lyrics of not being able to forgive God for “letting things happen”… was intriguing to say the least. It gives a lot for self-reflection.

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