19 Reasons Why You Should Come To Aftershock On Saturday!

This year has been the most popular year for ticket sales to Aftershock! I’ve been watching for months as price tiers have been knocked down and packages have sold out. The only thing left are tickets to the Saturday-only show date. Some say, “why go? It’s only half of the festival.” There’s plenty of reasons why you’d want to come out to the Saturday event in Sacramento. Below is a countdown of the top 20 reasons why you need to get your Saturday ticket to Aftershock Festival!



#19: Viza


VIZA has one of those hard to pinpoint genres, and a brand new EP that just came out back in May titled “The Unorthodox Revival”. Los Angeles natives VIZA has a style all their own and deliver it with an unapologetic performance. One of the earlier bands to play that day; don’t forget to come early to check them out! Below is the official audio for one of my favorite songs from their new album called “Dancing Twig”.

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#18: The Dose


Accidental band turned dynamic duo, The Dose is one band you need to watch. During a show in LA the then trio ran into a problem after one band member didn’t arrive. Instead of cancelling, they turned their act into a duo and rocked the house! Rock n’ Roll mixed with a little 90’s grunge, The Dose is definitely giving me the nostalgic vibe. They’ve recently released a music video for their latest single “Vervain” see below!

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#17: Hyro The Hero


Every year at Aftershock there’s a tradition to have at least one rap artist at the festival. This year we have Hyro The Hero! Rock-infused rap artist Hyro has been in the game for a minute. He has just released his latest album Flagged Channel and a new video for “Life Your Fuckin’ Life” last week (I couldn’t agree more).

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#16: Wage War


Currently out on Warped Tour, Wage War has been kicking ass and taking names since their first album Blueprints. The latest album of their titled Deadweight has been even more of a powerhouse than their previous record. The music video below is just a sample. Come see these guys kill it LIVE!

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#15: Bad Wolves


With their recent album Disobey making its rounds and their cover for “Zombie” sweeping the airwaves, Bad Wolves is a must-see at Aftershock! Below is their amazing music video for their Cranberries tribute “Zombie”.

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#14: Red Sun Rising


Red Sun Rising is def another band to see live (speaking from an awesome experience). Their second album Thread is out and they’ll be touring all summer in North America with Aftershock as their final stop, so check out their website for tickets!

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#13: Monster Magnet


Rock n’ roll veterans Monster Magnet will be gracing us with an appearance at Aftershock this year! They’ll be on a North American tour starting in September with Aftershock landing in the middle. Find out where they’ll be on their official website!

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#12: Stick To Your Guns


Currently on a European tour with Stray From The Path, Stick To Your Guns is a band to look out for! Their last album True View came out fall of last year and hasn’t slowed down since. If you’re in Europe, you DEF need to see this band before their UK tour kicks off in the Winter. Sample their badass sound with their “Married To The Noise” music video below!

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#11: Emmure


Emmure is one of those bands that can’t be missed when passing through. They’ve been doing some heavy touring all year with most California dates in the Bay Area. Come Fall they’ll be heading up a little further NE to Sacramento’s Aftershock Festival! Check out their badass music video for “Ice Man Confessions” below!

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#10: Gwar


Don’t wear anything you don’t want fucked up during this show (I’m serious lol). These crazy MFKRs know how to rage, and love playing in fluids. Oh yeah, you’re gonna get hosed. Rumor has it, they use 90 gallons of blood PER SHOW. And as someone who’s seen the aftermath in an indoor venue… I guarantee you the rumor is true. It’s a nasty way to cool off, but awesome at the same time! Check out their last album The Blood of Gods (yeah, their entire album can be streamed) here:

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#9: Sevendust


Sevendust will be joining us this year! They’ve recently released their album All I see Is War and a couple of music videos within the last few months. Below is my new favorite “Dirty”.  Don’t miss this moshpit!

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#8: Asking Alexandria


Asking Alexandria has been on it since their self-titled album dropped earlier this year. With the last half of the Vans Warped Tour on their horizon, they also have several different festivals coming up including the Self Help Festival, Louder Than Life, and of course Aftershock. Check out their artistically created music video for “Alone In A Room” below!

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#7: Underoath


With their new album Erase Me, Underoath has been busy giving the fans what they want: two music videos within a month of each other and new tour dates! Below is their newly popular music video for “Rapture”.

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#6: Action Bronson


A new edition to the Saturday roster, Action Bronson is an East European rap artist. Described as “one of the most promising prospects in New York hip-hop” by the New York Times, Bronson has a lot to offer the Aftershock crowd. If you’re a Netflix subscriber you can actually see Action Bronson in Game Over Man. I’d hate to see what he’d do with a mean he didn’t like…

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#5: Jonathan Davis


Jonathan Davis has been doling out song after song since he’s started his own solo project aside from his band Korn. Black Labyrinth‘s May release has triggered a multitude of music videos, the last one being just a month ago. He is making his rounds globally and will be going on a 3-show tour with Korn for their 20th Anniversary of Follow The Leader! The only show left is in San Francisco and I’ve already spent the money in my head (next check!) so I’m def going. Check out his video for “Basic Needs” below!


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#4: 311


Nothing like some chill jams from 311 while gazing up at the night sky. By this time I’ll be dead on the lawn with a single lighter in the air. But if you’re alive make your way into the crowd! Definite chill and eat break for the wiped out who just want to hang out under the shady trees with their friends. Currently 311 is steadily working on a new album and starting a tour with The Offspring and Gym Class Heroes! Check out their tour dates on their social sites and music below!


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#3: Shinedown


Shinedown has been on fire with their chart topping song “Devil”. And they’ve announced that their album Attention Attention is available now! This is going to be one epic show! Check out their latest music video for “Devil” below and their album Attention Attention!


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#2: Godsmack



When Legends Rise is a pretty appropriate title for Godsmack’s new album (recently released in April). Sacramento is excited for this legendary Alternative-Rock band to come out to Aftershock! It’s all about early-2000 nostalgia. Listen to their song “Bulletproof” of the new album below!


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#1: Deftones


And finally… those Sactown natives we call Deftones! Def one of the main reasons why I bought my ticket immediately (no hesitations). They’ve been working on a new album and even a new beer with The Belching Beaver Brewery named for their song “Digital Bath”. Touring all over South America hasn’t slowed them down one bit. Deftones is a staple for Sactown metal heads; we’re coming in hoards. Catch your breath before you make your way in… it’s going to be intense.


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And that’s just the music! There’s a wide variety of vendors with products ranging from cannabis-friendly to good old fashioned apparel and band merch! Not to mention… the food. The glorious food (including a Belching Beaver Bar for you to try out Deftones’ “Digital Bath” beer! Def worth a trip and a ticket. Currently Saturday is on ‘Phase 2’ of the $99.50 region. You can purchase your tickets by clicking below and I’ll see you in the mosh pits!!!



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