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Get Your Summer Supply As New Kush Law Temporarily Drops Weed Prices!

If you haven’t noticed lately, the prices on weed has dropped GREATLY since the new law date has gotten closer!

Yes! Okay.. whew! Let’s start from the beginning… a new law passed stating that weed must be tested by the government before it’s sold.

And now all of these dispensaries have a huge amount of product to get rid of before July 1st! 

Get to your local dispensary and check out the deals going on in the store. They range anywhere from 50% to 75% off (and even more).

This is the time to get your supply for the summer. Check out Leafly and see what kind of strain and where to get it (hopefully it’s updated quick enough).

I just might go back on June 30th just to see how cheap it is then…

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