Korn Will Not Be Playing The Entire ‘Follow The Leader’ Record For Their 20th Anniversary Tour

As the dates draw near the shows sell out more and more, LA show is already gone… maybe the Vegas show two days after? Korn is coming back with a special show dedicated to their AMAZING (my favorite) album ‘Follow The Leader’. However, Korn will not be playing the entire album according to lead singer Jonathan Davis. In a recent interview with Brent Porche from 93.3 WMMR, Davis has confirmed that they’ll play the “majority” of the album but not the “stupid” songs.


“We’re not gonna do it in its entirety. There’s a couple of songs that are just dumb, that we don’t want to play. We were really drunk when we made em. But we’re gonna play the majority of the record.”


In addition to their 20th Anniversary Tour of  ‘Follow The Leader’ , Korn plans on a full scale tour in 2019. They also have a 13th album in the works!


Get your tickets to the 20th Anniversary show here! And see Jonathan Davis perform at Aftershock in Sacramento this year!

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