WATCH: New Music Videos From This Week!

Yaaaay more videos to watch! Let’s get started with some of my personal favs from this week!

Obscura – “Diluvium” MV




You ever wonder what these random looking words meant? Well, I actually looked it up… “any geological deposit produced by a flood of more than ordinary power”. Crazy shit. Anyway! Obscura’s new album Diluvium is out on July 13th. The entire album has an oceanic theme as explained by vocalist Steffen Kummerer:

“With the title track of our new album we present you one of the most fast forward and brutal compositions “Diluvium” has to offer. The music video created by German Cinematographer Mirko Witzki shows the first part of a connected story relating to the band’s long running four album cycle.”

As a Pisces I find this highly intriguing… check out their new music video for “Diluvium” and pre-order their album below!







Toothgrinder – “Vagabond” MV




I love when a music video looks like it has some crazy story/plot behind it!

“Vagabond’ is about vices and crutches. Being lost and then found. The video follows the journey of a decision or an idea that takes form and eventually meets its inevitable end. Checkmate.”

…certainly looks like it. I won’t ruin the video for you, so check it out below.





Black Fast – “Cloak of Lies” MV




You want to wake THE FUCK UP in the morning? Blast this shit. Black Fast is BACK with their new song and music video “Cloak of Lies”. Their last album Terms of Surrender came out back in 2015 and now… it’s new album time! Spectre of Ruin is coming out on July 13th! You can pre-order your digital copy here and your physical copy here (and check out some merch. Yes, that is a crazy killer Santa Claus on a T-Shirt… go get it).





Morbid Angel – “Garden Of Distain” MV




Do not watch this while stoned…. or do, aaaaand freak the fuck out. Let’s just say if some intergalactic demon shows up out of the sky in a crazy ship… don’t eat its arms.

Nader Sadek states:

“My intention is to create a visual parallel to the song, a theme which repeats, yet within the loop-lay textures are controlled twists and turns. It was a bonus that I had the opportunity to use Sumerian iconography as well as obscure symbols of the pre-ancient past such as the Merkaba, a galaxy-roaming vessel.”

It certainly looks interesting. I’ve watched it several times. Check it out!





BABYMETAL – “Distortion” MV




I was super into J-Rock when I was in my teens (Dir En Grey “Obscure” was my shit). Not really sure why Babymetal is the only J-Rock band getting this much American attention (I’ll change that in a sec), but here goes! Their new music video for “Distortion” is out! The video is an epic battle scene between several interesting characters (can we make a new version of Mortal Kombat based on these?) and a giant evil monster (a classic). Check it out below =^.^=





VEIN – “Virus://Vibrance” MV




My inner gore whore is verrry pleased with this video! Vein’s new music video “Virus://Vibrance” is a fast-paced, crank induced, roller coaster of screams, and blood. I can’t stop watching it.

In their own words: “‘virus://vibrance’ and its visual component are a glimpse into the universe we’ve been creating for several years. It’s been a long time coming, and now it’s finally time to show people what Vein is.” I dig.

Their upcoming album Errorzone will be out on June 22nd.






Napalm Death – “Standardization” MV




If you’re in the mood for some political thrash metal, this is the video for you. There’s some serious imagery at work here. Even though this song is from 2011, they made a new video recently to resurrect some buzz for their upcoming b-side album Coded Smears And More Uncommon Slurs  which is out now.

This video was animated by Costin Chioreanu and loved by frontman Barney Greenway…

“Videos I find one of the trickiest mediums to make vibrant and impactful. Costin, the producer, though, had a lot of stuff from our Roadburn festival presentation which seemed to fit the music quite nicely and reflect the song’s subject matter about the utter despair of a colorless life and desire of more conservative forces for a homogenous world according to gender, sexuality, human habits and, well, generally everything. No thanks!”

“Standardization” was a “vinyl-only” bonus track from Napalm Death’s 2011 album Utilitarian and is NOW available in video form for our viewing pleasure! Check out their latest video and get their new album below!





August Burns Red – “King Of Sorrow” MV




On a daaaark and stormy night, ABR created… A VIDEO! O_O!  Their new video for “King of Sorrow” has a bit of a film noire/twilight zone vibe attached to it. The house is something out of a Scooby-Doo cartoon. “King of Sorrow” is from their latest album Phantom Anthem, which is out now.



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