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Editor’s Picks: Trippy Movies To Watch While Stoned On 4/20

True to form, I get my supply and head back to the cave only to throw on my robe (with the hood) and play some weird movies. I didn’t have a theme going, more like, “what’s the most visually striking thing I’ve ever seen”.


The VERY first one I put on, a classic favorite…


AKIRA (1988 Japanese)




The first time I saw this movie, I had to see it twice, and then a third time the day after. It haunted me in all the right ways. I honestly couldn’t analytically describe what I had just seen (the giant mass at the end) because I was so shocked by it. The year is 2019 (not that far away) in a post-WWIII Japan Basically everyone is caught up between the Japanese government having it out with biker gangs, a radical group, their raisin looking lab experiments, and one very old secret coming back to bite them in the ass in the form of their newest creation (phew!). It’s VERY chaotic to watch; better subbed instead of dubbed (obviously).



Only God Forgives (2013)



An eye for an eye… and your hands too. 

One of my ALL time favorite thrillers. The colors, are so vibrant I almost forget about the bits of gore (until I see it in full volumes of red). This film is my favorite (of my favorite director) Nicolas Winding Refn; a very hard list to make. The entire film is a masterpiece of shadows and neon light. Refn really plays with the audience; even when you see it coming, it still sinks under your skin. Classic revenge tale set in Bangkok involving two drug-smuggling brothers and a sword-wielding Lieutenant Chang.


EVIL DEAD (2013)



I’ll rip your soul out daddy…

So some of my friends don’t understand why I watch horror films (especially this gory) while stoned. It’s because the weed really enhances the intensity (for me anyways). I’m more easily caught off guard, and more susceptible to cringing. I usually laugh at horror films, and for once I’d like to enjoy them like a “normal person”. Now, Evil Dead from 2013 does adhere to the classics (as much as it needs to), and dives head first into an ocean of blood. Blood rain, dead blood smeared on the walls, oodles of blood gushing from a deeply open face wound… #GOREWHORE. The premise of the story is this junkie chick and her loving friends along with her longtime missing brother head up to a family cabin to get cleaned up. Not even two days go by and she’s losing it causing a series of events in which she is possessed and starts fucking shit up. Everyone thinks it’s the rehab, until it’s too late.


The Entire Harry Potter Collection



-someone says the name “Potter” and a bunch of spit flies onto my face somehow-


Must I explain? Harry Potter is awesome. They’re like Pringles for me, and I always start from the 1st or the 3rd one (depending on my mood).



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