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Blumhouse Reveals Another Look At New ‘Cat-Like’ Michael Myers

Blumhouse has finally released the first promo photo of the new Michael Myers.

The new Halloween is going to be a straight up sequel to the 1978 original and will not be following the rest of the franchise. 40 years later, we will get to see (what I hope) a new age gore-fest that sticks more to the classic and isn’t super cheesy at all. Will it have the old “kill ’em after sex” cliché? Who knows. I’m more interested in this new “cat-like movement” their trying to bring to the serial killer (who sometimes moved like a dump truck). In an interview with AltPress, it was stated that Michael is going to stalk the streets of Haddonfield, Illinois, in a “cat-like” way.

I’m honestly picturing Michael Myers in a Cat-Woman costume, but we’ll see. The film set to be in theaters October 19th.



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