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Logan Paul: The Biggest BAKKA On Earth (And Everyone Is Responsible)

Have you ever seen a post or an article about someone and thought “JESUS!! WHO ALLOWED THIS TO HAPPEN?! WHO LET IT GET THIS FAR?!” Well… I don’t know these individuals personally, but I do know that they are responsible for Logan’s rise and catastrophic downfall in their own ways. Only noting the tip of the iceberg negates the fact that there’s a mountain underneath that’s holding it up. It’s a fallacy to believe that cutting off a piece will do any good. We need to dig a little deeper…

We’ve been over and over the issue of cultural appropriation all over social media, in the news, chats with friends, in every possible way. And yet– we still have people running around blatantly disrespecting an entire culture in THEIR country. If you’ve been online recently you’ve probably seen a video of a young caucasian male and his friends in Japan. Sounds chill– nothing crazy right?  It seemed alright enough, until he started harassing everyone including the dead while filming with his obnoxious antics. Let me run that back for you… he found, filmed, and made fun of a fresh corpse. There’s too many things to cover on TWO different levels. The desecration of someone’s final resting place and the culture of an entire country… not really on my travel goal list. Since his fuckery comes in two parts, I’ll be splitting this article in half… we’ll start with the offenses in question.


Filmed And Laughed At A (RECENTLY) Deceased Person

Logan and his “friends” decided to go into Japan’s famous suicide forrest, not to die, but to direct. This is when they all happen upon a body… a fresh one… and proceed to film and laugh. The clip was later uploaded to Youtube UNCENSORED with the body poorly censored in the thumbnail for all the world to see. I don’t think I need to tell you that laughing at a dead body of someone who has just taken their lives is fucked up. I wish someone had told him though.


Appropriated A Culture WHILST IN That Very Country

More BAKKA than bold with this move. If you get a chance to see the original clip (or some of the variations still floating around), you can see how visibly irritated everyone is. He dresses himself up in Japanese clothing and harasses… pretty much everyone? I don’t think he missed missing off one single person in Japan. However throughout the video(s) he keeps reiterating that he doesn’t want to “disrespect the culture” either before, after, or while he’s disrespecting it. (Is Logan related to Trump or…?) He’s LITERALLY shoving fish and tentacles in peoples’ faces. Their own food, their own culture being thrown right back at them. The worst part was when he slammed them against what looks like a cafe window to scare this cute little girl.


And now for the coup de grace… everyone involved in this shit show is being held accountable one by one.


1. The “Friends” Hanging Out With A BAKKA And Not Stopping Him

This one is addressed to his friends, who helped and participated (no bitches, you’re not exempt from this either). You are all equally guilty… and disgusting. Not ONE of you thought “Hey, this sounds like a terrible idea. Maybe I should tell him not to do it.”? You’re not real friends. Not ONE, not any one person on my team would allow me to pull some stupid crap like that. They might laugh cause they thought I was kidding, but then would give me every single reason why it was either dumb or wrong. There’s no way that would have went down if you weren’t real friends. You were only there to be “famous”. Let’s be real.


2. The Video Hosting Website Supporting A BAKKA Video (And Shutting Down Videos That Are Actually Helpful)

Youtube DID NOT take down the video of the recently deceased person contrary to what some may believe (for whatever reason). Logan himself had taken down the disturbing clip, but only after he was being bashed online for posting it in the first place. However, when a Youtuber by the name of Nathan Zed created a Youtube video talking about why Logan’s uncensored video was wrong and asking his fans to donate to a Japanese suicide charity…. Youtube restricted it. And apparently, Youtube comes back with an apology starting that “it was a mistake”. INTERESTING. 


3. The Fans DEFENDING A BAKKA When He’s Dead WRONG

His fans are making more excuses for him than I did in the 5th grade when my homework was late. This is UNACCEPTABLE behavior. His, and yours. Would YOU do the same things he’s doing in the videos? Are you okay with someone disrespecting someone’s culture? Did you laugh when you saw that dead body? Are your answers “no'”? Then don’t defend someone who’s answers are clearly “yes”. And if your answer IS “yes”, YOU’RE A GARBAGE PERSON. Much like the ones who racially attacked the Japanese-American Youtuber Reina Scully for explaining the forrest’s tragic history and explaining how the video was wrong.  Even Jeffree Star received some homophobic comments for speaking out against the clip (not a fan of his, but still).  So, if you’re not a garbage person, why defend one? Why be a part of them?


4. The Ones Validating A BAKKA’s New Horrible Acts By Becoming NEW Horrible Fans

Again, we come back to the fans. Since the video of the dead body appeared Logan’s number of followers actually increased. One would think that the number of followers would be dwindling (or that his accounts would all be suspended). But the fact of the matter is, they’re all just waiting for him to do something worse. I’m all for morbid stuff, but come on. Don’t encourage this kind of behavior by following the bakka that’s doing it on social media. If he’s to continue down this path, I don’t even want to know what else he’s willing to film himself doing…


5. Anyone Accepting An (Obviously) Half-Hearted Apology From The BAKKA

Even he said it was a lame apology… why would you accept it? Forgiveness for something like this needs to be earned. He earned nothing with that slop job of a video.



If you are any of these entities or specific persons, I urge you to take a hard look in the mirror and realize that you yourself are shamed by this. If you know this guy personally (and really are a friend), get his ass in gear. He’s obviously drinking the kool-aid and not really thinking straight. According to a lot of Twitter users, he hasn’t been thinking straight… for a while. He needs your help. If you’re a fan (from when he WASN’T posting dead people)… dip out. He needs to feel the weight of his choices. Maybe one day he’ll post some decent, non-explicit content that his demographic can see.

. . .

I want to end this article with a “let’s end his career!”, but we all know it won’t happen. He’s a young, white, male with no ties to the LGBTQA community, living in Hollywood… what do you think is going to happen? We all want change but we need to change the way we try to make change. Instead of going after just one guy, think “why was he even bold enough to do this in the first place?”. It’s not just him that’s responsible. If we do end up getting his channel on Youtube banned that would be a good start. Perhaps the next person who thinks that showing videos of dead people on Youtube is a good idea won’t go through with it. People being held accountable for their actions (I believe the family of the deceased has a case against Logan for filming and posting the clip) is the start of changing our culture as a whole for the better.


And if you hadn’t guessed… “bakka” is Japanese for “idiot”. Also, I HATE this photo. It honestly makes me sick with anger but I have a responsibility to show the gravity of what was done. So, I apologize for the imagery, but this kind of thing needs to be confronted head on.

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