Happy Full Wolf Moon in Cancer!

Hola Brujas! Whether you’re in a coven or a solo witch, we’ll help you be one step ahead with your spells. This year starts off with a full Wolf Moon in Cancer which means it’s time to cleanse all of the bad energy away and get ready for the new year! But first, let’s breakdown the moon’s chemistry. The January “Wolf Moon” is named after the wolves who’d howl at it (pretty sure they’d howl at any moon). The full moon is occurring during the Capricorn season (December 22  –  January 20), and is the opposite sign of Cancer (June 22  –  July 22), making it a Cancer moon.

And yes, there is another moon at the very end of the month. No, it’s not another “Wolf Moon”. If there is in fact a second full moon in one month, the latter is known as the “Blue Moon”.

Wolf moons are good for beginning the new year off on a good foot (or paw), and since it’s on January 1st this year you have ALL of the advantage! Channel your energy on manifesting what you want to accomplish this year. If you read palms or cards this is a good night to practice your divination skills.

With the moon being in Cancer (water moon), it’s a good time to focus your casting on the home and family. It also means that you may be more empathetic with those around you; be aware of the energy you surround yourself with. Bust out your sage tonight and cleanse, cleanse, cleanse! Sage the ENTIRE house/apartment not just your space. Sage your roommates. Sage the cat. Sage your neighbors. This is a ‘Sage yo kids, sage yo wife’ situation. If you’re eccentric enough to do this literally, do it. Dish out protection spells for your home and the ones you love. Cancer moons offer more energy for enhancing ones personal life and space.





Set your alerts and your alters!


When it comes to rituals, there are obvious things that you do such as using sage to cleanse. However there are many different ways that you can perform your Wolf Moon ritual. Many ask, but it really depends on the type of magic that you’re into and whatever you may choose to do, it’s your intent that matters most. Your intentions are the most important part of any magic. It’s the beginning of the energy that you’re manifesting.

Here’s a quick banishing spell for those who REALLY want to wipe the slate clean:

If you need to banish any one (YOUR EX), grab the black candles and a photograph of the person you want out of your life. Wrap it with black thread and chant a banishing mantra (it’s more intense if you write it yourself). From here, you can put the binding in a box and place it in a dark crawl space never to be seen again (like your ex… but in a legal way).


Horoscopes for the new year!



Dec. 22-Jan. 19

This full moon will definitely will make your relationships feel more like “relation-shits”. Ignore this. Learn the difference between going with your gut and living passionately; then do both. The beginning of this year may feel like you’re already losing, but relax, you just have a couple of lessons to learn before you sky rocket.

Spell: Cast a strengthening spell within your most valued relationships to ease your mind. Be sure to have an extra red candle or two on your alter for strength, courage, and passion.



Jan. 20-Feb. 18

You are very distracted by other peoples’ status and standing within your field right now, don’t be. Focus on yourself and your personal mission, otherwise you’ll be too busy watching everyone else instead of doing.

Spell: Write down everything you want to do this new year, and focus all of your energy on it. Burn the paper and let the cold night air take it away. Light extra yellow candles for  some helpful mental clarity.



Feb. 19-March 20

Things are definitely changing for you right now, and you want to change yourself as well. This is great! However your over analytical mind is keeping you from ACTUALLY doing these things. Take a breath (smoke a little weed), and get ready for the new chapter of your life. You may have to cleanse yourself of some bad habits, and people from your everyday life in order to succeed. It’s going to be a drudging journey, but now is the time to get the hard part over with.

Spell: Write down a mantra and repeat it to yourself while meditating. Focus your energy on the future and who you want to be. Light LOTS of green candles for success and money (you’ll need it).



March 21-April 19

Your emotions are running wild right now, and it’s partly because of your current sucky situation. It’s also because of some old skeletons falling out of the closet that you thought wouldn’t resurface. This moon is about the new, but you need to go back. Someone you’ve wronged, blamed, scolded for no reason is in your mind and you need to rectify that. It may be difficult for you because of the circumstances in which it all happened, but you can do it!

Spell: Light up some extra pink candles to bring out your softer, loving side. Proceed to a full cleanse ritual (whatever your ritual may be).




April 20-May 20

It’s 2018! Time to face your fears head on. Seriously, they’re holding you back. If you need a friendly witch or a coven to help you, don’t be afraid to ask. Start off this new year by starting a new life as you’re growing and learning. A new life… without limits. As soon as you get out of your own way, you’ll be able to do anything.

Spell: Cast some protection spells around yourself to be better prepared for what you’re about to face. Extra white candles on your alter will also help.



May 21-June 21

This time of year is all about finding yourself and what’s right for you. Get out of situations that aren’t compatible with you, but don’t discourage others when it’s right for them. Take things slowly. For this moon it’d be a good time to manifest some things that you do want in your life. Focus on the positive and try not to be in too many petty arguments, they don’t serve you.

Spell: Yellow candles for that mental clarity. Write down all of the positive things that you want to manifest within the coming weeks.



June 22-July 22

Welcome to your moon! This is your time to shine! Use this moon’s energy for the ULTIMATE cleanse. The past is dead, and you’re ready to move (the absolute f***) on, perfect storm! Purge all of the negative energy from yourself, your space, your relationships, everything. This is your chance for a clean slate (so take it!).

Spell: Every black and white candle that you can get your hands on. Also sage, sage, sage, sage, sage… and sage.



July 23-Aug. 22

This is a perfect time for some healing. Use the power of love to mend broken bridges and getting over old arguments. If you happen to fail and the other party is unflinching or unwilling to make amends, know that you did your best. It’s always okay to walk away from a situation (but you need to make that call). Listen to your heart, but remember that forgiveness never comes with forgetfulness. If you can’t look them in the eyes after everything that’s said and done, it might be time to end that relationship. Know the difference between a “rough patch” and a “dead end”.

Spell: This is a great time to cast spells for relationships, so strengthen them as much as you can! Burn some blue candles for peace and tranquility, and pink ones for love.



Aug. 23-Sept. 22

It’s time for you to shed that old layer and get into some newness! You’re stuck in this spiritual rut and you may not know why. While chasing after the big picture, you forgot about the little things. A small change here and there can help you on your path to success! There’s going to need to be some serious reflection this coming moon. Cancer moons are good for focusing on friends, family, and loved ones, but this moon needs to be a little bit more about you and how you interact with people around you. Make this moon a spiritual journey for yourself and seek to make the necessary changes.

Spell: You’re going to need some extra pink, yellow, and white candles for some extra love, inner strength, and cleansing.



Sept. 23-Oct. 22

You’re a little off balance right now. This is the time for you to focus all of your energy on what’s most important to you. Your creative side needs feeding, so don’t let glamorous distractions get in the way of your plans. Use this night to gain some focus and perspective on new challenges (this way you can get a head start).

Spell: Green, yellow, and orange candles for success, better concentration, and the courage to follow your ambitions.



Oct. 23-Nov. 21

2018 is going to start off with some challenges for you, but they’re not anything for you to worry about. As usual you’re ready for the worst, but don’t get into that negative headspace. Prepare for the worst, but don’t think that the worst is all you’re going to get. This night is a good time for you to focus on your positive thinking and energies. Get into the habit of using your positive energy rather than your negative energy. Your distractions are the REALLY fun kind, don’t fall into that death trap. Keep your eyes on the prize, and don’t give in to old temptations. YES, THAT MEANS YOUR EX. 

Spell: All of the yellow and orange candles. If you need to banish any one (YOUR EX), grab the black candles a photograph of the person you want our of your life. Wrap it with black thread and chant a banishing mantra (it’s more intense if you write it yourself). From here, you can put the binding in a dark crawl space never to be seen again (like your ex… but in a legal way).



Nov. 22-Dec. 21

Now is the time to get grounded with every aspect of your life. Take a look at all of your current situations and figure out what needs to go and what can stay. This is a perfect moon for a cleanse! Purging your home and life of any unwanted, soul-sucking energy is key for you to kick off your year right.

Spell: All of the sage! White candles are a must, along with some energy enhancing orange candles too.


To share your own person rituals please write to:


Happy Wolf Moon everyone!


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